♥hi i'm tricia and i enjoy coldplay, dan and phil, sherlock♥

my apartment complex was on a popular post once. how not cool is that

Coldplay: Ghost Stories

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dan howell should be illegal

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stop for a minute and realize you are a 10lb brain piloting a slab of meat

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i dont think my parents ever dreamed their kid was growing up to be a depressed sarcastic asshole thats addicted to the internet and has more internet friends than real ones.

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your tags are supposed to be used to organize your blog but i use mine to release my inner monologue tbh

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Dancing Dan

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Coldplay - Magic (Live Lounge)

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So my friend came into school one day wearing a dress that had straps and the vice principal came up to her and said “You need to either change or cover your shoulders up because it’ll distract the boys” to which she replied “Well I find boys faces distracting, do they have to cover them up?” and the vice principal said “Maybe you should focus in class more.”

If that doesn’t tell you that things are messed up, then I don’t know what does. 

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Coldplay mourn a dying relationship in the new song “Oceans.”

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my friendship comes in 3 levels:

1) sass 

2) insults

3) inappropriate sexual humor. 

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Homes, places we’ve grown; all of us are done for.

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